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A while ago, I finished a photo project I named Underground. In short, it was about taking pictures of such an everyday thing as manhole covers. You know, cast iron ones that hide sewer lines, culverts, water pipes, electrical cables and more. The result was a small poster with all the lids lined up IContinue reading “Underground”

Silver Silver

This weekend I have taken a course in silversmithing at Gråbrödersmedjan in the town of Lund. It has been three inspiring days with a lot of thing to learn. Silversmithing is something I can recommend for those who want to try a craft without the learning curve being too steep. In just few Hours, aContinue reading “Silver Silver”

Sequences of Life

Several years ago, I started a photo project that was very fragmented in nature and had some elements of chance. I handed over a disposable camera, in an envelope addressed to myself, to a randomly selected person and asked her to take a picture and then pass the camera on to someone else, to beContinue reading “Sequences of Life”


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