Sequences of Life

Several years ago, I started a photo project that was very fragmented in nature and had some elements of chance. I handed over a disposable camera, in an envelope addressed to myself, to a randomly selected person and asked her to take a picture and then pass the camera on to someone else, to be repeated until all the photographs were taken. It resulted in a funny little sequence when the camera was taken on excursions, marathons, and a lot of other things before it came back.

So now, after a long break, it’s time again. At the end of August this year (2021), I have started four new sequences. We’ll see if the cameras come back or get stuck on the road. Any results will be published on this page. Along with each camera, I send a small letter with information. The only guidelines that come with the cameras are that each person only takes one picture, that the photographs do not constitute a criminal act (e.g. photographs of military installations, child pornography or the like), and that the camera is passed on to any person of their choice.

See Sequences of Life page for published images.

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